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Allan Turner

Past Masters

Allan was born on the 29th October 1900, approximately  two miles from Dudley, Staffordshire. Leaving school at the age of 13 years to train as  Apprentice Electrical Engineer, in 1917, joined the Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve in Birmingham and was called up in June 1918. He was sent to HMS Defiance at Plymouth for training as Ships Armourer, after passing out was promoted to Artificer 5th class  and then took a six week Torpedo course.

Joined HMS Hood at John Brown Dock Yard after a period at sea returned on HMS Hood to Devonport, Plymouth. Made 4th class Artificer at the age of 20 years  for making a generator in 5 days, against 14 days required at the Dockyard  and was given 6 months seniority. Left HMS Hood in 1920 for HMS Defiance. He was one of sixty Artificers in the mess awaiting to be made redundant so he requested a posting at sea.

Walter Allan Turner residing at 103 Barton Avenue, Keyham, Devonport, Plymouth, was Initiated into Brunswick Lodge 159 by Worshipful Brother Charles  Henry Marvin on 5th April 1922 being Proposed by Worshipful Brother Lewis Pellat & Seconded by Brother John Charles Bellingham. Passed on the 5th July 1922 and Raised on 21st September 1923 in Amora Lodge No 1341, Hong Kong. Complete 70 years  in the Lodge on I April 1992 the occasion being marked with a small party of Lodge members at Allan’s house in Paignton. Allan Past to the Grand Lodge Above on 17th March 1995.

Sent to Stone Cutters Island, Hong Kong in 1922 for 2½ years, the island had once been used for convicts. Allen was one of a 13 strong team of engineers modifying Marconi equipment for the navy and was classed as civilians during  this engagement .

Posted to Royal Naval Hospital, Stonehouse, Plymouth as electrician under Surgeon Commander Dick Curry and introduced first Micro oven for hospital use. He made electrodes for insertion into the penis for treatment of VD and a  cover to protect testicles while the operation was taking place.

Posted to a Destroyer in a flotilla of eight ships of which he was in charge of the electrical equipment on four vessels which sailed from Weymouth to Gibraltar. During the crossing of the Bay of Biscay a violent storm erupted  causing one ship to collide with four master schooner which sank and the ship lost its funnel.

Allan was conscripted into submarine service which he admits was not a happy time. While serving on Submarine M2 which carried a seaplane, he  was taken ill and put ashore at a Royal Naval Hospital while in hospital his submarine sunk off Start Point with a loss of all hands.

Drafted to HMS Adventure, Devonport, Plymouth, for 9 months during which time he got married, passed his exams as Chief Electrical Engineer. Posted to HMS Eagle, while sailing off the Canary Islands  the ship was  involved with saving the life of 4 mariners, Colonel Frank brother of General Franco was one of the seamen saved. After returning them to Barcelona, Spain. the ship was presented with a silver Eagle for this deed. The Prince of  Wales joined the ship company and HMS Eagle toured South America for 2½ years before returned to Plymouth.

Alan was home for six months before being posted to HMS Glorious for twelve months, he was then posted to HM Dockyard Rosyth, Scotland, which was home  base for the Atlantic Fleet in charge of all Torpedoes and sailed to the Mediterranean for a tour of duty returning to Plymouth in 1933.

Joined HMS Adventure again at Devonport which sailed to Haifa and assisted with the blockade Palestine. HMS Adventure then sailed to the Far East for the evacuation of British citizens, due the invasion of the Japanese forces  into China who had Killed some 80,000 people during their advance on Shanghai, under cover of darkness HMS Adventure sailed up the Yangtze and the evacuation took place. Allan served 3 years on MS Adventure and was promoted to Warrant Officer before being  paid off at Plymouth.

After only six weeks in Plymouth, posted to HMS Delhi which had been laid up for three years at Chatham Dockyard, the ship was prepared for sea and sailed to the Arctic with HMS Pindi. At the out break of the Second World War  while touring in the Norway & Denmark straits, captured 3 German ships which were sent to Scapa Flow, Scotland. While sailing in the Denmark straits they were attacked by a German Bomber and HMS Delhi was holed, causing Freezing conditions inboard of  minus 60 degrees. HMS Pindi was sunk with all hands and HMS Delhi pursued chase of a German Pocket Battle ship.

Allan was summoned before the Captain for a damage report, it was his opinion the ship would sink if the main guns were fired so they returned to Scapa Flow for repairs. At the completion of repairs HMS Delhi was assigned to escort  HMS Ark Royal in the Mediterranean then ordered to Alexandra for running arms into Tobruk for six months after which they were sent to the South Atlantic at Dakar ran into two French Naval Ships which they ordered to surrender for some hours HMS Dehli  trained her guns on both ships, finally their skipper gave a dead line to surrender or engagement would commence at 1800 hrs. The French Surrendered at one minute to 1800 hrs and were escorted to the Bahamas. Proceeded to Cape Town, Durban en-route for  Singapore. Faults on the ships boiler caused them to divert into Mauritius for repairs but in the mean while Singapore fell to the Japanese.

After repairs HMS Dehli sailed to Trinidad and onto America. He was promoted to Lieutenant and attached to the US Navy assisting in sorting out equipment which was interchangeably with the two navvies. While in America he fell  in ships engine room and was unable to continue his work and returned to Devonport.

After retirement from the Royal Navy Allan was  employed as maintenance engineer with Watson & Rosevear in Ivybridge, during which time he took  the Civil Service Examination and was appointed Ministry of Works Foreman at Bude. After which he obtained the position of Residence Engineer at Porterdown, Salisbury, when the army took over the research Centre, Allan was given Honorary Rank as Colonel.

After witch he retired to Paignton, Devon.

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