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Frank Carpenter

Past Masters

W.Bro. Henry Frank Carpenter (BEM)
Past Provincial Junior Grand Warden

His father was serving as a submariner Royal Navy when Frank was born on the 15th November 1910 at Cattedown, Plymouth, after which his father became a Publican in  Plymouth.

Frank attended East Street school Stonehouse also Efford Open Air school at Durnford Street, Stonehouse.

His working life began at the age 14 years when he was employed as an office boy at Plymouth City Guildhall. Then at 16, joined the Merchant Navy as a pantry boy with the Canadian Pacific Steam Ship Company and progressed from  Third Steward to Second and finally First Steward during which time he learnt all aspects of catering.

Gave up the Merchant Navy to marry his wife Dot at St Judes Church, Plymouth on the 11th September 1934, and later having two daughters Pat & Janet.

Worked in various hotels as Cocktail Barman then became a Head Waiter at the Beachy Hotel, Eastbourne. Transferred to the Osborn Hotel Torquary as Cocktail Barman and progressed to management for three years.

In 1937 became manager of a large restaurant in London for eighteen months after which he moved to the Kensington Hotel.

1939 to 1942 was a full time Metropolitan Police officer. In 1942 was called up into the Royal Navy in the Regulating Branch (Police) his training taking place at HMS Glendower which had been a Butlands Holiday Camp prior  to the war. Served in various ships which took part in the Russian Convoys and shore establishments. Three tours of shore duty of two to three years in Malta. Retired from the Royal Navy at the age of 60 after 28 years service with the rank of Master  of Arms.

For the next five years before his retirement at 65, Frank was employed as a clerical officer in the civil service at HMS Drake, HMS Cambridge Gunnery School & finally The Royal Naval Hospital in Stonehouse.

Outside of his home and family he devoted his life to Freemasonry. On the the 7th November 1996 he celebrated 50 years membership of Brunswick Lodge N0 159.

W.Bro. Henry Frank Carpenter was installed as Worshipful Master of
Brunswick Lodge 159 on 1st December 1965 by W.Bro Wilfred Scholefield.
Proposed by Bro. A.G. Carpenter.
Seconded by Bro. F. Lidstone.
Trade ~ Royal Navy ~ Clerical officer for MOD after which he retired.

D.O.B ~ 15th Nov 1910.
Initiated ~ 6th November 1946 by W.Bro John W. Demellweek.
Passed ~ 1st January 1947 by W.Bro Reginald W. Collins.
Raised ~ 5th March 1947 by W.Bro Reginald W. Collins
Received Provincial Grand Rank on 3rd May 1975 as P.Pr.A.G.Pur.
Promoted to P.Pr.Dep.G.Reg on 30th April 1977.
Promoted to P.Pr.G.J.W on 5th May 1984
Director of Ceremonies from 3rd Dec 1969 to 1st Dec 1976
Secretary from 1st Dec 1976 to 3rd Dec 1980
Treasurer from 1st Dec 1982 to 6th Dec 1989.
Worshipful Master of Royal Naval Lodge 2761 in 1962
Promoted in Malta to Past District Senior Grand Warden in 1967
Passed to the Grand Lodge Above on 8th January 1997.

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