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War Years Minutes

Lodge History


During the 10 years from 1915 to 1924 a total of 264 applicants were initiated into the Lodge, 40 in 1920 and 39 in 1919. The Lodge would Initiate, Passing and Raise  candidates all on the same night, meeting 24 times a year.

In 1924 the membership stood at 324 members, with over 30 Stewards listed.

In 1921 our Grand daughter Lodge Victory No 4189 was Consecrated.

December 5th, 1917, Minutes reference page 289, read. Proposed by W.Bro. J. Luscumbe seconded by W.Bro A.E. Crapper and supported by W.Bro J.T. Walk that we send a twelve shilling parcel each month to Bro G.W.N. Rowsell and Bro  J.C. Bellingham while they are prisoners of war in Germany. (carried)

The Warrant of the Lodge and Centenary Jewel authorised 3rd August 1932, both documents being destroyed by enemy action in May 1941. A Warrant of Confirmation was granted on the 7th September 1941 and confirmation of authority  to wear a Centenary Jewel or Medal was granted on 7th June 1950. The document has a note in the right hand corner which reads “Owing to the death of the Most Worshipful Grand Master (His Grace the Duke of Devonshire. K,G.). Centenary Warrant of  Confirmation is issued without bearing his signature.

Reginald James Bradshaw was Initiated 3rd May 1933 Passed  5th July 1933, Raised 6th September 1933. He was a serving as a Stoker Petty Officer in the Royal Navy, when in 1942 he was reported missing in action presumed dead but  was later found in a Japanese prisoner of war camp.

During the War years Lodge meetings were held in the afternoon. In May 1941 Mount Edgcumbe Masonic hall our meeting place was destroyed by enemy action The Lodge resumed meetings on the 28th June 1941 at Sincerity Masonic Hall.

A special meeting was held at the Sincerity Masonic Hall, Elliot Street, Plymouth on Friday, July, 12th 1946. To consider a notice of motion in the name of W. Bro. P. J. A. Quelch, “ That this Lodge Brunswick, No 159,  move to the St Aubyn Masonic Hall, Stoke, Devonport to meet on the 1st Wednesday in each month, except August, and the 2nd Friday in December”. The motion was lost by a majority of 10 votes.

Hope Lodge No 6703 our sixth daughter was consecrated in 1948. The founder members from Brunswick Lodge were W. Bro A. E. Taylor P.Pr.G. Treasurer, Worshipful Master, Bro. L. C. Carter, Junior Warden, with Brothers G. W. Potham,  H. L. Champion, J. C. W. Schofield, F. G. P. Jarvis G. Brinkley, G. E. Bawden, L. K. Schofield, G. A. Coath & L. W. Marston.

A Lodge minute book dated 1935 to 1947, which had been missing for sometime was put up for auction on ebay on the Internet. The bidding opened at £30.00 on the 14 April 2001. The Lodge secretary was inundated with phone  calls and Emails from concerned Freemasons from all over the UK, Australia and New Zealand wishing to assist in returning the book. The sale closed on the 24 April 2001 at £150.00, being purchased by W. Bro. Michael Manley who presented it to the Lodge  at our regular meeting on 2nd May 2001.

Long service members, 70 years CertificateW.Bro. W.A. Turner, 1992, 60 years Certificate W.Bro. C. Beynon 1982, Gilson G.Henry  Rowe  2002, 50  years Certificate, W.Bro. H.F. Carpenter 1996, Bro. C. Bonham 1996 and Bro. S.F. Steer 1997, George Alfred Coath  2003, Cyril Victor Gilbert 2007 and George Hatherley 2010.

Brunswick Lodge has over 2000 computer records of all Brethren Initiated and joining the Lodge since 1802.
(See Links for Records)

Brunswick Lodge 159 Roll of Honour

Bro. Alfred C J. Pearce, Royal Navy                                         
Initiated 1 April 1903 by W. Bro. James Werry
Fell in action on 19 August 1916 at the age of 40

Bro. William Collings, Royal Navy
Initiated 24th March 1904 by John Jeffrey

Fell in action on 10 February 1917 at the age of 54

Bro. Robert P. Hunnings, First Class Petty Officer, Royal Navy
Initiated 6th May 1908 by W. Bro Albert Roston
Fell in action on 14 March 1917 at the age of 34

1939 - 1945

Bro. Leo Edward Simpson, Army
Initiated 6th June 1934 by W. Bro. William Pearce
Fell in action on 10 November 1944 at the age of 37

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